Spica Cloud Notes Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. About Spica Cloud Notes

Spica Cloud Notes is a collective term of learning service tools provided by Spica, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Spica”). The tools are offered as online videos and in other forms.
Cloud Notes Tech specializes in IT learning materials.
Cloud Notes Japanese specializes in Japanese learning materials.

2. Application of Terms and Conditions of Membership

Spica Cloud Notes Terms and Conditions of Membership (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is applied to all users (hereinafter referred to as “User”). User shall consent to the Agreement prior to the use of Spica Cloud Notes.
In the event of the existence of other agreements or notes (hereinafter referred to as “Notes”) in Spica Cloud Notes, such Notes shall be incorporated into this Agreement.
User shall be deemed to have consented to the Agreement after downloading, installing or using Spica Cloud Notes application software.

3. Use of the Application

User shall agree to the stipulations of this section when using the application offered by Spica (hereinafter referred to as “Product” including the contents provided within the application). User shall not use the Product in the event of not agreeing to this section.
User shall obtain rights to use, download or install the Product from Spica after clicking any of the download buttons. Spica may revoke these rights based on its judgement at any time.
In the event of the User’s violation of this Agreement, Spica shall prohibit the use of the Product by such User.
User must not sell, rent, lease, sublicense, transfer, modify, translate, reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble whole or part of the Product without obtaining permission of Spica. Download, install, use, or duplication of the Product shall be solely for the purpose of User’s use of the Product.
Spica shall assume no obligation to provide the upgraded Product or the support of the Product; however, the upgraded Product, information regarding update of the Product, or the support may be provided on Spica’s judgement. In such cases, this Agreement shall be applied to the upgraded Product.
Spica shall assume no obligation to change or modify the Product in the event that User’s devices, equipment, or software are not compatible with the Product.
Spica shall assume no liability for any damages resulting from issues such as the decrease of display speed or system failure due to access concentration or other unexpected causes.
The API service that configures the Product may malfunction regardless of the causes, which can result in the termination of the Product operation. The use of the Product shall be based on the understanding of this possibility. Spica shall assume no liability for any damages due to the unavailability of the Product.
User’s rights for the Product shall not be transferred to third parties.

4. Membership Registration

Among each service available within Spica Cloud Notes, User who is registered for membership (hereinafter referred to as “Member”) shall be able to access limited contents (hereinafter referred to as “Member Contents”). User who wishes to access such Member Contents shall register for the membership following the predetermined procedures by Spica (hereinafter referred to as “Membership Registration”) and obtain ID and password necessary for Member Contents (hereinafter referred to as “User Account”). Membership Registration shall complete after Spica approves.
User shall agree that Spica may change the scope of the Member Contents of Spica Cloud Notes depending on User or the device used by User.
Once Membership Registration is complete, Spica shall provide a User Account to such User.
User shall bear all the responsibilities for the contents that User entered or provided during Membership Registration (hereinafter referred to as “User Information”).
Spica may not offer Member Contents to User when Spica deems that User Information is wrong or is inappropriate.
A User Account issued by Spica shall be used solely by the specified Member who was given the User Account to. It is prohibited to transfer or lend a User Account to third parties.
All the acts in Spica Cloud Notes using User Accounts shall be deemed as performed by the Member who bears the User Account. A Member shall use Spica Cloud Notes and manage their User Account at their own responsibility. Spica shall assume no liability in the event of any damages due to the compromise of User Account by third parties.
Spica shall offer a function to preserve Member’s User Account information within the Member’s device. The liability in using this function shall be pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph.
In principle, Spica shall not disclose User Information and other information provided during Membership Registration. In the circumstances outlined below, Spica may provide information including User’s personal information, usage history, contents of the messages to third parties without prior notifications, to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws:
when public organizations or other institutions request disclosure of information based on laws and regulations,
when User agrees, or
when provision of personal data is necessary for the protection of life, body, or property of an individual and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the User.

5. Cancellation of Membership

If Member wishes, Member shall be able to cancel the use of a portion or the whole of Member Contents by performing predetermined cancellation procedures by Spica.
If Member completes the cancellation procedures outlined in the preceding paragraph, Spica shall delete information registered or used in the Member Contents at its own discretion. Member shall not object to this discretion and decision. Member shall manage necessary information at their own responsibility.

6. Termination of Membership

Spica shall implement the following measures at its own discretion without prior notifications to User, in the event that Spica considers that User violates this Agreement. Measures include but not limited to:
the suspension of the use of a portion or the whole of Spica Cloud Notes by such User,
the prohibition of the use or Member Registration by such User into the future,
the suspension of a portion or the whole of the information entered to Spica Cloud Notes, or
the non-displaying of such information in Spica Cloud Notes.
In the event that User does not use Spica Cloud Notes for more than the defined period of time or that Spica acknowledges the necessity, Spica may revoke the membership of the User.

7. Application and Charges for the Fee-based Services

Member may apply for the use of fee-based services offered by Spica in Spica Cloud Notes (hereinafter referred to as “Fee-based Services”). Member shall understand and consent to the system and contents of the Fee-based Services, register the information designated by Spica, and use a designated application form to complete the application process.
An individual contract for the use of the Fee-based Services (hereinafter referred to as “Individual Contract”) is completed after Members apply for the Fee-based Services and Spica approves the application.
Member shall understand in advance that the monthly charges for the Fee-based Services shall not be prorated in the event that the consent on this Agreement is no longer valid or the Individual Contract is finished during the period of a month, regardless of the reason such as cancellation of membership and suspension of User Account.
Member shall be able to access Member Contents on and after the day that Spica acknowledges the completion of the payment for Fee-based Services (hereinafter referred to as “Service Start Date”) during the term that is stipulated in the Individual Contract. This acknowledgement shall require a certain amount of time, and Member shall understand in advance that Spica shall assume no liability for refunds, extension of the service terms, or any other means of compensation in the event of a delay of the Service Start Date due to this acknowledgement.

8. Prohibited Acts

User must not perform any acts that are outlined or may correspond to the following in Spica Cloud Notes:
・registering false information or misleading information purposefully,
・infringement on other people’s rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, legal name, portrait, and credit,
・slander of individuals or organizations
・performing acts that are or can be contrary to laws or public morals,
・utilizing services offered by Spica in Spica Cloud Notes for unfair purposes, including utilizations of any malfunctions that occurred in Spica Cloud Notes,
・provision of information or engagement in other acts for commercial purposes without obtaining prior permission from Spica,
・disturbing the operation of Spica Cloud Notes or damaging the credit of Spica, or
・any other acts that Spica considers impertinent or inappropriate.
In the event that acts outlined in the preceding paragraphs cause damages to Spica or third parties, the User shall bear all legal responsibility.
In the event that Spica reasonably deems that User has performed acts outlined in the preceding paragraphs, Spica shall suspend the use of Spica Cloud Notes for such User without prior notifications.

9. Use of Spica Cloud Notes

User shall prepare communication terminals and a communication environment necessary to use Spica Cloud Notes at their own cost and responsibility. User shall bear communication charges and other costs necessary to use Spica Cloud Notes.

10. Copyright

User shall acknowledge that the copyright and other intellectual rights for the productions, systems, etc. related to Spica Cloud Notes shall be attributed to Spica or the third parties that licensed Spica, and shall never reprint, reproduce, transmit, translate, adapt, modify, alter or engage in any other activities regardless of the reasons.
In the event of disputes as a result of violation of this article, User shall settle such disputes at their own cost and responsibility, and shall cause no damages to Spica or third parties.

11. Suspension, Modification and Termination of Service

Spica shall modify the contents of the service offered in Spica Cloud Notes, engage in temporary or long-term suspension or termination of service without prior notifications to User, and User shall acknowledge this possibility.

12. Temporary Suspension of Service

In the event that any of the following cases are applicable, Spica may temporarily suspend the operation of Spica Cloud Notes or the services offered in Spica Cloud Notes:
when maintenance or modification of Spica Cloud Notes is performed, including cases associated with the maintenance or modification of external social networking services,
when Spica Cloud Notes and other services offered in Spica Cloud Notes become unable to operate due to the occurrence or the possibility of occurrence of natural disasters or other emergencies, or
Spica deems the necessity of temporary operational suspension of Spica Cloud Notes and other services offered in Spica Cloud Notes due to unavoidable circumstances.

13. Force Majeure

Spica shall assume no liability for User’s damages due to causes that are unavoidable by usual measures, such as virus infection, blackout, server failure, line disturbance, natural disasters, and other causes that shall not be attributed to Spica (hereinafter referred to as “Force Majeure”).
Spica shall not guarantee the possibility of loss or change of data managed or offered in Spica Cloud Notes due to Force Majeure.

14. Disclaimer

Spica shall not guarantee any of the following matters:
(A) The absence of malfunctions, errors, or failures in the provision of Spica Cloud Notes,
(B) The accuracy of information obtained from Spica Cloud Notes, and
(C) User’s satisfaction with services or information obtained from Spica Cloud Notes.
Spica shall not guarantee that the information including but not limited to advertisements and other forms of information provided by Spica or third parties is up to date, true, legitimate, safe, appropriate, or useful, and that the use of Spica Cloud Notes is effective. Use of Spica Cloud Notes shall be based on User’s acknowledgement of this matter and User shall use Spica Cloud Notes at its own responsibility. In the event of any troubles concerning this information, Spica shall assume no liability, with the exception of the cases where the causes of such troubles shall be attributed to Spica.

15. Responsibility of Spica

Each service offered in Spica Cloud Notes is based on the standards determined by Spica, including but not limited to the quality of instructors, contents and means of support, sound quality of lessons, communication speed, and stability of communication. User shall understand in advance that the contents and standards of the services may not satisfy all the expectations.
Spica shall assume no liability for User’s damages caused by the use of Spica Cloud Notes including associated provisions of information by Spica or third parties, and the use of other websites or services that are offered by third parties and are accessible through Spica Cloud Notes including affiliated services and other services, with the exception to the cases where the causes of such troubles shall be attributed to Spica. Such damages include but are not limited to the failure of communication terminals and all disadvantages such as mental anguish and financial loss. In the event that Spica causes damages to the User due to its default on financial obligations, illegal activities, and any other acts, Spica shall compensate only for the direct and normal damages that shall affect User. In the event that Spica caused damages intentionally or due to its gross negligence, the compensation shall exceed such limit.

16. Modification to Terms and Conditions of Membership

Spica shall be able to modify, add or delete this Agreement and Notes without prior notification to User. Modified Agreement and Notes shall be deemed acknowledged by User at the time that the User uses Spica Cloud Notes after such modifications are notified in Spica Cloud Notes by Spica.

17. Personal Information

Handling of personal information that Spica obtains through Spica Cloud Notes shall be based on the Privacy Policy that is prescribed separately.

18. Severability

In the event that any provisions of this Agreement or Notes are found void by a court of competent jurisdiction, such void provisions shall be modified or interpreted to realize their primary intent to the extent that the applicable laws permit. The enforceability of any other provisions in this Agreement or Notes shall not be impaired.

19. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. All disputes related to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court as court of first instance.

「Spica Cloud Notes」利用規約

第1条(Spica Cloud Notesとは)

「Spica Cloud Notes」とは、株式会社スピカ(以下「当社」といいます。)が提供するインターネット上のオンライン動画等による学習サービスの総称をいいます。
Cloud Notes Tech はIT学習に特化したサービスを提供いたします。
Cloud Notes Japanese は日本語学習に特化したサービスを提供いたします。


「Spica Cloud Notes」 利用規約」(以下「本規約」といいます。)は、「Spica Cloud Notes」 をご利用になるすべての方(以下「ユーザー」といいます。)に適用されるものとし、ユーザーは、本規約に同意のうえ「Spica Cloud Notes」を利用するものとします。
当社が「Spica Cloud Notes」で提示する別途の規約および諸注意等(以下「諸注意等」といいます。)が存在する場合には、諸注意等はそれぞれ本規約の一部を構成するものとします。
当社は、ユーザーが「Spica Cloud Notes」のアプリケーションソフトのダウンロード、インストールまたは本サービスを利用することをもって本規約に同意したものとみなします。




ユーザーは、「Spica Cloud Notes」の各種サービスのうち、会員登録を行ったユーザー(以下「本会員」といいます。)に限定して当社より提供されるサービス(以下「会員サービス」といいます。)の利用を希望する場合には、当社所定の手続により会員登録(以下「会員登録」といいます。)を行い、会員サービスの利用に必要なIDおよびパスワード(以下「ユーザーアカウント」といいます。)を取得するものとします。なお、会員登録は当社がこれを承認した場合に完了するものとします。
当社は、ユーザーまたはユーザーの利用デバイスによって「Spica Cloud Notes」のうち会員サービスの範囲を変えて提供する場合があるものとし、ユーザーはこれを承諾するものとします。
発行されたユーザーアカウントの利用による「Spica Cloud Notes」上での行為は、すべて当該ユーザーアカウントの発行を受けた本会員の行為とみなすものとし、当該本会員は、自らの責任のもとで、「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用、ならびに、ユーザーアカウントの管理を行うものとします。ユーザーアカウントの第三者による盗用に伴う損害の発生について当社は一切の責任を負いません。


本会員が前項の解約をした場合、当社は当社の裁量で会員サービスにおい#SUZUKI #WayOfLife #GoUnique #IGNISて登録または利用した情報は削除できるものとし、本会員はこれに異議を唱えられないものとします。また、本会員は、自らの責任で必要な情報を保管するものとします。


当社は、ユーザーが本規約に違反したと判断した場合、当該ユーザーに対し事前に通知することなく、当該ユーザーの「Spica Cloud Notes」の全部または一部の利用の一時停止、将来に渡った利用乃至は会員登録の禁止、「Spica Cloud Notes」において入力された情報の全部または一部の停止、当該情報が「Spica Cloud Notes」上非表示になる等、当社が適切と判断した措置を行うことができるものとします。
当社は、ユーザーが一定期間以上「Spica Cloud Notes」を利用しない場合、または当社が必要と認めた場合には、会員資格をはく奪することがあります。

第7条 (有料サービスの申し込みおよび利用料)

本会員は、「Spica Cloud Notes」内で当社が提供する有料サービス(以下「有料サービス」といいます。)の利用を申し込むことができるものとし、当該申し込みを希望する場合には、有料サービスの仕組みおよび有料サービスの内容を理解・承諾の上、当社指定の申込フォームにより、当社の指定する情報の登録、申し込みを行うものとします。


ユーザーは、「Spica Cloud Notes」において以下の行為または以下の行為に該当する恐れのある行為をしてはならないものとします。
・当社が「Spica Cloud Notes」上で提供する各種サービスを不正の目的をもって利用する行為(「Spica Cloud Notes」に発生した不具合の利用による当該行為を含みます。)
・「Spica Cloud Notes」の運営を妨げる行為、または当社の信頼を毀損する行為
当社は、ユーザーが第1項に掲げる行為を行ったと合理的に判断した場合、事前に通知することなく、「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用を停止することができるものとします。

第9条(「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用)

ユーザーは、「Spica Cloud Notes」を利用するにあたって必要な通信端末および通信機器等の通信環境を自らの費用と責任において整えるものとします。また、「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用にあたって必要な通信費用等はユーザーが負担するものとします。


ユーザーは、「Spica Cloud Notes」に関連して発生する著作物、システム等についての著作権その他の知的財産権は、当社または当社に使用許諾を行った第三者に帰属するものであることを確認し、いかなる目的であれ転載、複製、送信、翻訳・翻案、改変・追加等の一切の使用行為を行わないものとします。


当社は、ユーザーへ事前に通知することなく、「Spica Cloud Notes」が提供するサービス内容の変更、一時的もしくは長期的な中断、またはサービス自体を終了することができ、ユーザーはこれを承諾するものとします。


当社は、以下の各号に該当する場合には、ユーザーへの事前の通知をすることなく、「Spica Cloud Notes」および当該サイト上で提供するサービスの一時的な運営の停止を行うことがあります。
「Spica Cloud Notes」の保守または仕様の変更を行う場合(外部SNSサービスの保守または仕様変更に伴う場合を含みます。)
天変地異その他非常事態が発生し、または発生するおそれがあり、「Spica Cloud Notes」および当該サイト上で提供する各種サービスの運営ができなくなった場合
当社がやむを得ない事由により「Spica Cloud Notes」および当該サイト上で提供する各種サービスの運営上一時的な停止が必要であると判断した場合


当社は、不可抗力に起因して「Spica Cloud Notes」において管理または提供されるデータが消去・変更されないことを保証しません。


(A)「Spica Cloud Notes」の提供に不具合やエラーや障害が生じないこと、
(B)「Spica Cloud Notes」から得られる情報等が正確なものであること、
(C)「Spica Cloud Notes」を通じて入手できる役務、情報等がユーザーの期待を満たすものであることのいずれについても保証するものではありません。
ユーザーは、当社が「Spica Cloud Notes」において当社または第三者より提供される情報(広告その他第三者により提供される情報等を含みますが、これらに限られません。)について、その最新性、真実性、合法性、安全性、適切性、有用性、「Spica Cloud Notes」による効果一切について何ら保証しないことを了承のうえ、自己の責任において「Spica Cloud Notes」を利用するものとします。万一、ユーザーにつき、当該情報に関して何らかのトラブルが生じた場合にも、当社は、何ら責任を負いません。ただし、当社の故意または重過失により当該トラブルが発生した場合は、この限りではありません。


「Spica Cloud Notes」の各種サービスは、当社が定める水準(講師の質、サポートの内容・提供手段、授業における音質、通信速度、通信の安定性等を含みますが、これらに限られません。)に基づき提供されるものであり、ユーザーは、当該サービスの内容・サービス水準がユーザーの期待を全て満たすものではないことを予め承諾するものとします。
当社は、ユーザーによる「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用(これに付随する当社または第三者の情報提供行為等を含みます。)、その他「Spica Cloud Notes」を通じてアクセスできる第三者が提供するウェブサイトおよびサービス(提携サービスを含みますが、これに限られません。)によりユーザーに生じる一切の損害(「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用により生じた通信端末等の障害、精神的苦痛またはその他の金銭的損失を含む一切の不利益を含みますが、これらに限られません。)につき、当社の責に帰すべき事由がない限り、一切の責任を負わないものとします。当社が債務不履行、不法行為その他一切の行為によりユーザーに損害を与えた場合、当社は、ユーザーについて発生した直接かつ通常の損害に限り、これを賠償します。ただし、当社に故意または重過失がありこれにより損害を生じた場合は、かかる上限を超えて賠償するものとします。


変更された本規約および諸注意等は、これらを「Spica Cloud Notes」上に掲示した後、ユーザーが「Spica Cloud Notes」を利用した時点をもって承諾したものとみなします。


「Spica Cloud Notes」の利用によって当社が取得するユーザーの個人情報の取扱いについては、別途定めるプライバシーポリシーに従うものとします。